Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Long Time No Posty!!

I am sooo sorry I havent written in so long!!! I am really excited school is over next week and this semester definately went faster than the last...  Which I am extremely thankful for.  Disney cannot come soon enough, well actually, I am going to Disney in a couple of weeks, just for vacation, but I am so excited about going... I am hoping this summer goes as fast as the semster... I mean a semester is 5 months long, I was accepted in Feb so Ive been waiting 3 months and its about 100 days until I actually leave to go to the program... There is SOOO much to do!!! 1) go to summer school 2) get a bigger car 3) get a summer job (richard petty driving experience pleeeaassseeee call me!!!) 4) pack 5)separate my stuff 6) move out of my current appartment..... the list keeps growing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its really stressful when I actually sit back and think of everything that I need to do between now and Aug 5 when I leave for DISNEY!!

Looking for apartments in a different state, when youve only been to that state once, is really hard.  I picked up all of the Apartment Finder books, and went to see about 15 when I was there, but some are too far away or too expensive and its just like ahhhh!!! One complex has everything you need but nothing that you want, or one has hardwood floors and is cheap and near my school, but doesnt have a dog park, swimming pool, or work out room... where as the other ones dont have hardwood, arent near the school, but have a dog park, swimming pool, and work out room.  Its hard because Im looking for a place to live, but I would love it to have that community feel.  Right now everything is really expensive, so when I am at Disney I have to apply and find an apartment.  Its going to be really stressful.  Thankfully I have 5 awesome Disney roommates that will help me, hopefully!!! 

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to my roommate Laura, her mom is in hospital and I just wanted to say stay strong girly!! Im praying for you and your mom!!!