Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Start of a Journey

Hi everyone!!

So I started my Disney journey last weekend on January 22. I watched the online presentation, because I could not wait for the recruiters to come to my school. My best friend from my sorority is in the College Program right now. She loves it and told me not to wait and just do the online presentation. So I did and completed the application and did the web interview right away and got my email to call for my phone interview..

I started to get sick on Monday, and I was like oh great. It progressed into a full blown cold. It was so bad!!! I was SOOO lucky to get through what I needed to get through. I kept coughing! I felt so bad for my interviewer, she kept apologizing for making my talk, but I assured her of how much I wanted this so I would keep going.

So now is the time where we sit and wait.....

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