Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just Waiting.

So, waiting to go to Disney is almost as hard as the time you wait to find out if you've been accepted.  I find it so hard to go to class.  I should be going to my Art History class at 11, but I just dont feel like going. Then after Art History, I have American Government, which is so easy, but I just lack the modivation to go!  I went to swimming yesterday, because its really important to me, I love swimming, and not to mention, my teacher uses me as an example and as kind of a teaching assistant.  Also, even though it's only 1 credit, but its 1 easy credit of A.  I am sure if I went to all my classes like I was SUPPOSED to, I couldve gotten straight A's or close this semster.  Just for some reason here, at NIU, I have no modivation to do anything.  When I get to my new school, I know I will have the modivation, because I will be doing the things that lead up to my degree, I didnt have to take some of the classes this semester, so thats why I am kind of blowing them off.  I know it's bad to blow things off and waste money and time, but its hard to get into a class that you dont need for any reason. 

I am really excited about the Disney shirts.  They are really cute!! I am hoping to loose some weight before getting to Disney.  One person who has done the program before said that they didnt eat a lot because they didnt have the time or the money to eat a lot and they went to the parks a lot and just all the walking.  So I am hoping that this can and will happen to me.  I've been having some knee issues, and I have no clue why it just flares up every once in a while. 

I need to buy some clothes for Traditions.  I found out that yes you can bring a purse to Traditions.  Some people bring cameras, so I might be bringing one of those as well.  I went to the Disney Presentation at my school and talked with some of the alumni.  It was so much fun!! They all loved my bag that I made.  

Also, I need to start organizing my apartment list for North Carolina.  It's extremely stressful thinking about all the options available.  AHHH!!

Well everyone have a lovely, lovely day!!



Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I forgot to say that anyone who is new, we are looking for 2 more apartment mates!!! We are soo excited to meet new girls!! So, if you're interested let me know!!

More people getting accepted!!

I am so exited for the more people getting accepted!! I remember when the group had only like 300 members!!! Its so amazing that it will soon be pushing 1000!! Anyway I just wanted to give a shout out to all the new cast members!!! Welcome to the Disney Team!!!!

Something for fun!!!


It's been SOO long!!

Hi everyone!! I am truely sorry that I havent written in well exactly a month!!! There has been a lot that has happened since then!!! It is 146 days until I start my Disney journey in Orlando, I am so excited and time seems like its going fast, so I hope it keeps going fast.

My birthday is in a week and 6 days. So two weeks from yesterday. I am going to see Alice in Wonderland with my parents. I promised I would go see it with them, so I have been putting it off. I still super excited, because when you go do things with your parents, they are free!! I know that's a bad way to look at it, but movies are expensive these days!! I also am going downtown Chicago with some of my friends and getting a hotel room. It should be tons of fun. My one friend, Nicole, knows a man that is an entertainment director, so he is getting us into this night club called Excalibur. It should be really fun. We are getting the VIP treatment with a VIP booth above the club and also pretty much an open bar all night. I am going to be 25, so it's a big deal I guess.

I have deactivated from my sorority. They did not support me in my future. They did not understand why I wanted to do Disney, and also did not understand why I wanted to transfer schools after attending Disney. To some of those girls, the sorority is their life. They have trouble with remembering that there is a great big beautiful world out there. I applied to the college program after talking with my parents a little and talking with my friend who is in the program right now. I didnt think it was anyone elses business what I wanted to do. The girls in the sorority got mad at me for not talking to them about it. They claimed that I should have involved them, my "friends", in my choice to apply. They think I should have transferred schools and graduated, then applied. Well 1) you have to apply and get accepted before you graduate. 2) I have to complete 3 professional internships with my major at my new school. If I would get offered a job, am I going to turn them down just so that I can go to Disney, no. 3) This would be my only chance to do this program. 4) Why wait to do something that you can do right now.....!!! Real friends will see what you are doing and support you even if they dont agree with what you are doing. It's called, "Don't rain on my parade!!" I think there was some jealousy on their part too.

Laura Metzger and I have found a definate 2 other girls for our apartment. We are still looking for one more pair. We might just leave it all to luck and chance when we get there. We are both so excited!! We talk about how we are going to decorate our bathroom and what small appliances to bring. I am so sad because I have a dog named Bentley and a cat named Vegas, and they both have to stay with my parents until the program is over. I love them with all my heart and I am going to miss them so much!!

I was on spring break last week. I went to Charlotte, NC, and it was so much fun!! It was a quick couple of days. I had several meetings at my new school, Belmont Abbey College. We also looked at about 6 or 7 different apartment complexes. I have to go print out the pictures of each apartment so that I can make some excel spreadsheets and things like that. I have to contact my top choices when I am at Disney so that I can sign a lease online or via snail mail. I am moving right from my apartment at Disney to my apartment in Charlotte. Its going to be so crazy!!! I need to get a GPS so that I know where I am going. We were on the interstate so much in North Carolina that I know my way around pretty well now haha!! I am really excited about attending my new school. My major is going to be Business Management with concentration in Motor Sport Management. My advisor is amazing. She is training with a racing team that races Ford Mustangs. To my readers, if you know a little about racing, Jack Roush is a very big person in racing, he is the owner of Roush racing. I am getting off topic, but she works with the team that Jack Roush's son, Jack Roush Jr. So she has a lot of influence in some pretty big racing avenues.

Well this blog is pretty long, but I do think its a good idea to write only when there is a lot to write about. Writing everyday just seems like it would be a lot of nothings lol. I am so excited about disney and CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO MAKE MY BLOG CUTER????

Much Love and Kisses!!