Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just Waiting.

So, waiting to go to Disney is almost as hard as the time you wait to find out if you've been accepted.  I find it so hard to go to class.  I should be going to my Art History class at 11, but I just dont feel like going. Then after Art History, I have American Government, which is so easy, but I just lack the modivation to go!  I went to swimming yesterday, because its really important to me, I love swimming, and not to mention, my teacher uses me as an example and as kind of a teaching assistant.  Also, even though it's only 1 credit, but its 1 easy credit of A.  I am sure if I went to all my classes like I was SUPPOSED to, I couldve gotten straight A's or close this semster.  Just for some reason here, at NIU, I have no modivation to do anything.  When I get to my new school, I know I will have the modivation, because I will be doing the things that lead up to my degree, I didnt have to take some of the classes this semester, so thats why I am kind of blowing them off.  I know it's bad to blow things off and waste money and time, but its hard to get into a class that you dont need for any reason. 

I am really excited about the Disney shirts.  They are really cute!! I am hoping to loose some weight before getting to Disney.  One person who has done the program before said that they didnt eat a lot because they didnt have the time or the money to eat a lot and they went to the parks a lot and just all the walking.  So I am hoping that this can and will happen to me.  I've been having some knee issues, and I have no clue why it just flares up every once in a while. 

I need to buy some clothes for Traditions.  I found out that yes you can bring a purse to Traditions.  Some people bring cameras, so I might be bringing one of those as well.  I went to the Disney Presentation at my school and talked with some of the alumni.  It was so much fun!! They all loved my bag that I made.  

Also, I need to start organizing my apartment list for North Carolina.  It's extremely stressful thinking about all the options available.  AHHH!!

Well everyone have a lovely, lovely day!!



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