Friday, February 12, 2010

DAY..... 15

Hey guys... so I havent written in 5 days, BUT I've been battling with an outragious cough that I am going to go get checked out today. I think that I have whooping cough, I have all the symptoms and signs, SO I am going to today. All I can think about is Disney. I actually watched the Holiday Wishes Castle Lighting on the wonderful blog, Purple Folder Wait Watchers, and it made me cry. How ridiculous is that? I keep checking my phone every 5 mins since I get email on my blackberry. I have never spent so much time on the computer and checking my phone. BUT somehow I am still getting homework and reading done. Even though I feel like i am doing nothing. This weekend is the Daytona 500 and I am really excited. If I dont get accepted into Disney, I will be going to Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. My major would be Motor Sport Management, hense why I am excited about the NASCAR race.

Its so hard waiting for Disney.. I am glad that I dont have to go through it alone. My friend, Monica, who has completed the program already, she told me that she waited about 3 weeks, so this week number 2, so I might have another week or so to go. I have receieved 3 thank you emails from Disney, so I wrote an email explaining how I had received the 3 thank yous. The guy wrote back that I shouldn't worry and that it was a glitch in the system and that I would be hearing back from them between 2/22 and 3/9, so that is still 2 weeks away..

saddness... oh well I have to go to class now!!!



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